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Guiding star Naya Rockers/Clinton Fearon Naya promo
Meeting inna wonderland The 18th Parallel/Guiding Star Horns Fruits promo
Escaping by night Autarchii 'Disrupting the status quo' (Red A Red)
Take me to the place Luciano Oneness promo
Say that you love me Yaadcore Oneness promo
Watch your step Roberto Sanchez Reggae Roads promo
Fraud inna me yard U Brown 'Balance' (A-Lone)
Gone abroad dub Ras Tweed/Lone Ark Riddim Force 'Balance dub' (A-Lone)
Feel the music Giallo Man 'Bonfyah' (RedGoldGreen)
Breathe Shaka Root Shaka Root music
Big up Neroone/Treble 'Schiaccia play' (Neroone)
Humble Downbeat Syndicate/Lion D Downbeat Syndicate promo
No good war, no bad peace Jah Sun Little Rock single
Strictly reggae Skarra Mucci Little Rock single
Deep conversation Norris Man Train Line single
Freeman Kareem Shabazz 'Rockers & Lovers' (Ryddim King)
Row row row The 4Th Street Orchestra 'The dubmaster' (Trojan)
Za-ion The 4Th Street Orchestra 'The dubmaster' (Trojan)
Portrait of you Gladwyn Wright 'The dubmaster' (Trojan)
Raindrops Dennis Matumbi 'The dubmaster' (Trojan)
Can't go through Marie Pierre 'The dubmaster' (Trojan)
Silly games Janet Kay 'The dubmaster' (Trojan)
How can I get over Chantells 'Can't stop the dread' (Doctor Bird)
This train Culture 'Children of Zion' (Doctor Bird)
Respect Al Campbell Greensleeves 12"
Rudy say him bad Wailing Souls 'Wailing' (VP)