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So long Rastafari Dillinger/Trinity 'Microphone attack 1974-1978' (Blood & Fire)
Hold them Prince Glen Stop Point 7"
All gone Trinity 'Well charged' (Pressure Sounds)
Gwaan and lef' me Trinity 'Jesus dread 1972-1977' (Blood & Fire)
Jesus dread Dillinger/Trinity 'Jesus dread 1972-1977' (Blood & Fire)
School days Trinity 'Well charged' (Pressure Sounds)
Rasta determination Trinity 'Shantytown determination' (Blood & Fire)
Natty contractor Trinity 'The Black & White story' (Pressure Sounds)
Fight it to the top Michael Prophet 'Shantytown determination' (Blood & Fire)
Lively tribulation Trinity 'Shantytown determination' (Blood & Fire)
Love is overdue Gregory Isaacs/Trinity GG's 12"
Give an helping hand Trinity 'Uptown girl' (Small Axe)
Family planning Trinity 'Big big man' (Lagoon)
Just because you're a star Trinity 'Big big man' (Lagoon)
Rockers delight Trinity 'Bad card' (Blue Moon)
Starsky & hutch Trinity Belmont 7"
Three piece suit and thing Trinity Joe Gibbs 7"
Kingston two rock Trinity 'Three piece suit' (Joe Gibbs)
Going forward Trinity 'Showcase' (Burning Sounds)
My number one Gregory Isaacs/Trinity GG's 12"
New civilization Clifton Campbell/Trinity Freedom Sounds 12"
Funny feelings Dennis Brown/Trinity Gussie Puppy 12"
Rock in the ghetto Trinity 'Rock in the ghetto' (Trojan)
Pope Paul dead & gone Trinity 'Rock in the ghetto' (Trojan)
Don't stop till you get enough Derrick Lara/Trinity Joe Gibbs 12"
I'm just a dread Jacob Miller Joe Gibbs 12"
One shut Trinity Joe Gibbs 12"
Lose respect Barrington Levi/Trinity Greensleeves 12"
Cool out son Junior Trinity Brammer Irie Ites 7"
Jah time now Trinity/Tony Tuff 'Eye to eye' (Irie Ites)
Rock ina dancehall Trinity Irie Ites 7"