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Light of day Alpheus 'Light of day' (Liquidator)
Stop Junior Thomas & Volcanos 'Beware' (Truth & Soul)
Here's that rainy day Oldians 'We are reggae' (Liquidator)
Eye of the storm Reggae Workers Of The World 'RWW II' (Babasonic)
The anti-snake Diggory Kendrick/Lee Perry Pressure Sounds promo
Snakes & ladders Diggory Kendrick/Lee Perry Pressure Sounds promo
Freedom skank Nat Birchall/Breadwinners 'Sounds almighty' (Tradition Disc)
Mystic tape Dedubros/P-Rootz 'Dedubros meets P-Rootz' (DBBros)
The music Last Poets 'Understand what black is' (Last Poets)
Shashamane dub mix Mighty Prophet 'Warriors dub' (Higher Regions)
Ethiopian voices Idren Natural 'Satta on the rocks' (Higher Regions)
Bearer of bad news Robert Dallas Medtone promo
Pirates anthem Rootical Foundation/Naima 'Still learning' (Rootical Foundation)
Reggae music Kabaka Pyramid 'Kontraband' (Bebble Rock)
Africans arise Kabaka Pyramid/Akon 'Kontraband' (Bebble Rock)
Nah compromise Mikey General 'Tewahedo' (Irie International)
Wolf & leopards Dean Fraser 'Melodies of D.E.B.' (Tads)
To The foundation/Islanders taking over Forelock & Arawak La Tempesta Dub promo
Politician Chezidek Giddimani promo
Hello Carol Gladiators 'Presenting' (Studio One)
Sweet soul music Gladiators 'Ba ba boom' (Trojan)
Roots natty Gladiators 'Bongo red' (Heartbeat)
The race Gladiators Demon 7"
Peace truce Gladiators 'Presenting' (Studio One)
Tribulation Gladiators 'Bongo red' (Heartbeat)
Mix up Gladiators 'Trenchtown mix up' (Virgin)
Jah works Gladiators 'Proverbial reggae' (Virgin)
Evil doers Gladiators Virgin 12"
Sweet so till Gladiators 'Sweet so till' (Virgin)
Can't stop righteousness Gladiators 'Showdown vol.3' (Channel One)
Watch out Gladiators 'Symbol of reality' (Nighthawk/Omnivore)
Rocking vibration Gladiators 'Full time' (Nighthawk/Omnivore)
A true Rastaman Gladiators 'A true Rastaman' (Musidisc)
Jah glory Gladiators 'Strong to survive' (Mediacom)