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Purple Frightnrs 'Nothing more to say' (Daptone)
Purple version Frightnrs 'More to say versions' (Daptone)
Terrorize it Junior Thomas & Volcanos 'Beware' (Truth & Soul)
Bumps in the night Junior Thomas & Volcanos 'Beware' (Truth & Soul)
Bermuda Victor Rice 'Smoke' (Easy Star)

Pressure drop

Steadyrockerz All Stars

'Revolution rockerz' (Goodfellas)

Little nut tree Melodians

'The return of the Melodians' (TWT)

Goodbye love Keith & Tex/Bunny Brown 'Same old story' (Liquidator)
The high road Uppertones 'Up up up!' (Uppertones)
Sometimes I feel Uppertones 'Up up up!' (Uppertones)
Money money Magnetics 'Jamaican ska' (Get Up)
Catch this train Soweto 'Turn on the music again' (Liquidator)
A casa no voy Akatz 'A go go 2' (Liquidator)
Melody for Rico Hugo Lobo 'Ska is the way' (Liquidator)
We are reggae Oldians 'We are the reggae' (Liquidator)
Sleeping giant


Liquidator 7"
All I have is love Johnny Osbourne/Dennis Brown 'All I have is love' (Easy Star)
One day you'll need my kiss Johnny Osbourne 'Come back darling' (Trojan)
Come back darling Johnny Osbourne 'Come back darling' (Trojan)
Ready or not Johnny Osbourne 'Come back darling meets warrior' (Techniques)
Jah Jah live forever Johnny Osbourne 'Summer Records anthology' (Light In The Attic)
Love makes the world around Johnny Osbourne/Bunny Brown

'Summer Records anthology' (Light In The Attic)

Come to the music Ishan People 'Ishan People' (GRT)
Forgive them Johnny Osbourne 'Black man's pride' (Soul Jazz)
Truths & rights Johnny Osbourne 'Truths & rights' (Studio One/Heartbeat)
Keep that light Johnny Osbourne & The Prophets 'Studio One supreme' (Soul Jazz)
Folly ranking Johnny Osbourne 'Folly ranking' (Jammys)
Man of Jahovia Johnny Osbourne 'Fally lover' (Greensleeves)
Don't bite the hand Johnny Osbourne/Aswad Simba 10"
13 dead and nothing said Johnny Osbourne Simba 12"
Buddy bye Johnny Osbourne Jammys 7"
Right track Johnny Osbourne Jammys 7"
Rocking tonight Johnny Osbourne Jammys 7"
Night fall Johnny Osbourne Thompson Sounds 7"