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Mysterious way I Kong 'A little walk' (Fruits)
Racism never sleep Talisman 'Don't play with fyah' (Sugar Shack)
It's not over Leroy Sibbles/Sister Nancy 'Come rock with me' (Heartbeat Europe)
Saddest day Wayne Wonder 'Collector series' (Penthouse)
Crime Inna De Yard/Var 'The soul of Jamaica' (Chapter Two)

Black to I Roots

Inna De Yard/Kush McAnuff

'The soul of Jamaica' (Chapter Two)

Morning glory

Uprising Roots

'Black to I roots' (Uprising Roots)

Big bad sound

Chronixx/Chronicle 'Chronology' (Soul Circle)
Majesty Chronixx 'Chronology' (Soul Circle)
Lion in the jungle Mighty Diamonds 'Stand up' (Music Works)
One life to live Morgan Heritage 'Avrekedabra' (Cool To Be Conscious)
Rughe indelebili Africa Unite 'Mentre fuori piove' (Alternative)


Sud Sound System/U Roy 'Eternal vibes' (Believe/Self)

Never forget

Krikka Reggae '15 anni di sound & cultura' (Krikka)

Release the chain

Giallo Man/Javada 'Firehouse sessions' (Giallo Man)
Release di version Giallo Man/Firehouse Crew 'Firehouse sessions' (Giallo Man)
You & me Pablo Moses 'Itinuation' (Grounded Music)
Rebel music

Brain Damage/Harrison Stafford

'Liberation time' (Jarring Effect)
Reggae man Wormbass 'Reggae man' (Wormbass)
Unafraid Jah9 '9' (VP)
Lioness order dub Mad Professor/Jah9 'In the midst of storm' (VP)
Cry Dedubros/Dennis Bovell Dedubros promo
Thanks a lot Vin Morgan/Lone Ark 'Give thanks' (Iroko)
Physically Abacush Abacush/Jah Fingers 12"
Rock attack Abacush Abacush/Jah Fingers 12"
Kill Nebuchadnezzar Creation Steppers Jah Fingers 12"
Kill Nebuchadnezzar dub Creation Steppers Jah Fingers 12"
Leader of the massive Barry Brown Jah Fingers 12"
Sun is shining Errol Alves Foundation/Jah Fingers 12"
Road block Hopeton Lindo Music Works/Jah Fingers 12"
Over 31 Johhny Osbourne Thompson Sound 7"
Down ina tenement yard Gregory Isaacs Thompson Sound 7"
Them a fight

Dennis Brown

Thompson Sound 7"
There is no other Jackie Paris

'From the foundation' (Gone Clear)

Mystic man Peter Tosh Rolling Stones 7"
African Peter Tosh Equal rights' (CBS)
Anti-Apartheid Peter Tosh 'Solomonic singles 2' (Dub Store)