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Season for freeman Talisman 'I-Surrection' (Sugar Shack)
Season for freeman dub Talisman 'I-Surrection Oldwah decostruction' (Sugar Shack)
Babylon Hierbamala 'Hic sunt leones' (Autoprodotto)
Sugar water (Mungo's Hi Fi rmx) Prince Fatty/Hollie Cook 'Prince Fatty vs. Mungo's Hi-Fi' (Mr. Bongo)
Jah say love Mungo's Hi-Fi/Cornell Campbell 'Serious time' (Scotch Bonnet)

A weh we ah wait for


Arawak promo

Cry for humanity

Pressure/Ras Batch/NiyOrah

'The sound' (I Grade)
Ghetto life Pressure 'Love & affection' (Don Corleon)
It haffi go suh Pressure GYU 7"

Good ganja herb

Pressure Royal Order digital single
Love & affection Pressure

'Love & affection' (Don Corleon)

Virgin Islands nice Pressure 'The sound' (I Grade)
Modern Pharaoh Pressure 'Joyful noise' (I Grade)

Let me love you

Pressure John John 7"
Shield and guide Pressure 'Living heart vol.1' (XTM Nation)
One way Pressure

Israel Rec. digital single

All is well


Jam 2 7"

Live and never die Pressure

Don Corleon digital single

Intro/Sweet reggae music Randy Valentine

'Break the chain' (Hemp Higher)

Invincible soul Jaka/Brinsley Forde

'Invincible soul' (Jaka Lion)

Tension Jah9

Rorystonelove promo

Stesso sangue Nico Royale/Cico

'Illegale' (Autoprodotto)

Shine on Harrison Stafford/Winston Jarrett

'Natty will fly again' (Soul Beats)

Halla them a halla Linval Thompson

Taxi 12"


Horace Andy

Taxi 12"

Heart made of stone Viceroys

Taxi 12"

Heart made of rock dub Sly & Robbie/Revolutionaries

Taxi 12"

International herb Sugar Minott

Hamma 12"

Babylon Icho Candy

Rockers 7"

Take one step Ruffy & Tuffy

Rockers 7"

Stepping dub Rockers International Band

Rockers 7"

Red, gold & green Stranger Cole

Wackies 10"

Greedy girl Jah Stitch

Hot Shot 7"

Warning Desmond Young

Fe Me Time 7"