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Steamers a bubble Jah9 Hit Bound 7"
Reggae Francisca Love University promo
Real revolution Nereus Joseph 'yah so mi deh' (Cannawi)
Nuh gangstah Train To Roots TTR promo

I'n'I rootsman

Pressure Dub Sound

'Pressure Dub Sound' (Bassline)

I'n'I rootsman melodica version

Pressure Dub Sound/Addis Pablo

'Pressure Dub Sound' (Bassline)
King of Kings Restless Mashaits 'Kingston sessions 1992-2002' (Addis)
Never weary yet Ras McBean Irie Ites promo

Blaze up

General Levy Irie Ites promo
Stand firm Ras Tewelde

Bizzarri/Itation promo

Rebel Jah Defender 'Rastaman rise' (7 Seals)
If you only knew Turbulence 7 Seals promo
Destino Sysiphos/Mellow Mood 'Travel wide' (Soul Fire)
Soon come David Hinds Heartical promo
Eyes wide open Gentleman 'The living heart vol.1' (XTM)
It's alright I-Octane/Gentleman

'My journey' (Tad's)

Gangsta story

Mystical Revolution/Sizzla

'Divide & rule' (MR)

More music Sebastian Sturm/Albert Minott

'A grand day out' (Soulbeats)

African drum Zvuloon Dub System

'Freedom time' (Medtone)

Satan Michael Prophet

'Rootsman' (Ariwa)

Fight it to the top Michael Prophet

Vivian Jackson 7"

Mash down Rome Michael Prophet

Vivian Jackson 7"

Free up your heart Michael Prophet

'Meets Tubby & Scientist at the dub station' (Vivian Jackson)

Conscious man Michael Prophet

'Consciousness' (Vivian Jackson)

Righteous are the conqueror

Michael Prophet

Jah Guidance 7"


Michael Prophet

Greensleeves 12"


Michael Prophet

Jah Guidance 7"


Michael Prophet

Greensleeves 12"

So strong Michael Prophet

Jah Guidance 7"

No good Michael Prophet

Thompson Sounds 7"

Come make we rally Willie Williams

Archive Recordings 12"

Man of the ghetto Winston Jarrett

'Man of the ghetto' (Iroko)

Commandment I - Exodus I Roy

'Ten commandments' (Virgin)

Exodus dub Chalawa

'Exodus dub' (Micron)