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In my father's house Addis Pablo 'In my father's house' (Jah Solid Rock)
My father version Addis Pablo 'In my father's house' (Jah Solid Rock)
Try love Norris Man 'For the love of Jah' (Suns Of Dub)
Nulla da perdere Train To Roots 'Grooving' (INRI)
Lack of knowledge Wailing Trees Bandcamp free download

Stesso sangue

Nico Royale/Cico

'Illegale' (Rap Pirata)


Nico Royale

'Illegale' (Rap Pirata)
Crisi Krikka Reggae/99 Posse Krikka Reggae promo
Rumours Bunny Rugs Reggae Vibes CD

Ganja over guns

Michael Rose Royal Order download track
High grade alone Delly Ranks

Royal Order download track

Avocado Jah9 'New name' (Rorystonelove)
Barriers Raging Fyah 'Destiny' (Soulbeats)
Wake up Kelissa McDonald Seani B promo
Sound the alarm Randy Valentine 'Break the chain' (Hemp Higher)
No weapons Jah Mali 'We I Open' (Reggaeland)
Rat a cut bottle Dillinger

'Ranking Dillinger' (Third World)

Bubble up

Clint Eastwood

'Death in the arena' (Channel One)

Skank steady Lone Ranger

'M16' (J Records)

Funky reggae party Yellowman

'One' (Hitbound)

The jumping master Mikey Dread

'World war III' (DATC)

Who is the master? Sunshine

'Jumpin' master showcase' (DATC)

Lick up the chalice Linval Thompson

'Look how mi sexy' (Greensleeves)

Red hot (live) Taxi Gang

'Taxi connection live in London' (Island)

Dean is clean Dean Fraser

'Big bad sax' (World Ent.)

Head to toe Frankie Paul

'Casanova' (World Ent.)

Musical explosion

Frankie Paul

'Sara' (World Ent.)

Casanova Frankie Paul

'Casanova' (World Ent.)

Josie medley Josie Wales

'Nah lef Jamaica' (Mango)

Crown mi king Tiger

'Love affair' (Rohit)

The bomber Cutty Ranks

'Die hard vol.1' (Penthouse)

Fire fire Charlie Chaplin/Josie Wales

'Kings of the dancehall' (VP)

All fruits ripe Junior Reid

'Visa' (Greensleeves)