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Feeling Puppa Giallo 'Puppa Giallo Man' (Unlimited Struggle)
Hope Alpha Blondy/Beenie Man 'Mystic power' (Wargram)
Travel wide Sisyphos promo
Mental slavery Dubheart 'Mental slavery' (KarmaTone)

Let you down


'Mental slavery' (KarmaTone)

Give praises


Heartical promo
Mr. Weed KgMan Heartical promo
Freedom rockers dub Dub Terror/Basque Dub Foundation Heartical promo

Pretty like flowers

Kabaka Pyramid Dinasty promo
Get away Bobby Hustle

Dinasty promo

Per sfidare il limite Crazy Power Flowers 'Per sfidare il limite' (CPF)
La compagnia del rastrello Crazy Power Flowers 'Per sfidare il limite' (CPF)
I love King Selassie Black Uhuru/Chronixx Jammys promo
I love King Selassie dub King Jammy Jammys promo
Jah lightning Cedric Myton/Mad Professor

'Cedric Congo meets Mad Professor' (Ariwa)

In the ghetto

Big Joe

'If deejay was your trade' (Blood & Fire)

The champion version King Tubby /Aggrovators

'Dub gone crazy' (Blood & Fire)

La la bam bam Congos

'The heart of Congos' (Blood & Fire)

Solid foundation (Disco Cork mix) Congos

'The heart of Congos' (Blood & Fire)

Children of Jah Chantells

'Children of Jah' (Blood & Fire)

Time to unite U Brown

'Children of Jah' (Blood & Fire)

Mr. Know it all Gregory Isaacs

'RUn it red' (Blood & Fire)

Stone Prince Allah

'Only love can conquer' (Blood & Fire)

Great stone

King Tubby/Soul Syndicate

'2 Heavyweight' (Blood & Fire)

Jah vengeance Vivian Jackson & The Sons Of Jah

'Jesus dread' (Blood & Fire)

Do you love my music Horace Andy

'In the light' (Blood & Fire)

Music dub Horace Andy

'In the light' (Blood & Fire)

Anti christ rock Yabby You

'Prophesy of dub' (Blood & Fire)

In the rain Keith Hudson

'Pick a dub' (Blood & Fire)

For the love of you John Holt

'Darker than blue: Soul from Jamdown' (Blood & Fire)

African border Junior Ross & The Spears

'I can hear the children singing' (Blood & Fire)

Train from the west U Roy

'Microphone attack' (Blood & Fire)