Mister DJ, don't stop da music....

Di la dal fiume (tra gli alberi)-I Quattrocento Colpi-from 'Fagiani in fiamme' Santeria
The lonesome road-Jamaican Liberation Orchestra-from 'That's it' Alternative
Redemption song-Radici Nel Cemento-Demo CD
Pata pata (Skata skata)-Skatalites-from 'From Paris with love' Celluloid/Melodie
Operazione sole-Arpioni-from 'Buona mista social ska' Gridalo Forte
Margin walker-Rebel Des-from 'Margini' RXD
Sensi-Rebel Des-from 'Up player up lovers' Etnagigante
Tommi delle voci-I Quattrocento Colpi-from 'Fagiani in fiamme' Santeria
Peretto-Roy Paci & Aretuska-from 'Baciamo le mani' Viceversa
Hard day's night-Mister Tokio & the beat goes on-Demo CD
Give me your love-Franziska-from 'Special blend' Rude
Love revolutionary-Zion Train-from 'Original sound of Zion' Univeral Egg
Mercy lord-Roots Hi Tek-from 'Sankofa' Roots Hi Tek
Who can run to?-Martin Campbell-from 'The inspirational sounds of Jah Works' Universal Egg
Depth charge remix-Twilight Circus Dub Sound System-from 'Dub plates vol.3' M
Inna fusion (Dubital mix)-BR Stylers-from 'Suitable 2: The dub adventurers' Suite Inc.
The style-Dubital-from 'Roots of Dub Funk vol.2' Tanty
Prophecy dub-Nucleus Roots-Demo CD
Back to Africa-Earl Sixteen-Downbeat 12"
Throw away your gun-Earl Sixteen-from 'Them a riders' Rockers
Malcolm X-Earl Sixteen-Wild Flower 7"
Bass Culture-Linton Kwesi Johnson-from 'Live acapella' LKJ
New world ordah-Linton Kwesi Johnson-from 'More time' LKJ
Free up your heart-Michael Prophet-Vivian Jackson 12"
Satan-Michael Prophet-from 'Rootsman' Ariwa
Gunman-Michael Prophet-Volcano 7"
Creation rebel-Johnny Clarke-Agro Sound 7"
African people-Johnny Clarke-Attack 7"
African roots-Johnny Clarke-from 'Dreader dread' Blood & Fire
Blood dunza-Johnny Clarke-from 'Originally Mister Clarke' Clocktower
Time will tell-Johny Clarke-from 'Dreader dread' Blood & Fire

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