Mister DJ, don't stop da music....

The Dennis Brown Story (1957-1999)

Reel One

Here I come-Dennis Brown-Sonic Sounds 7"
Here I come-Dennis Brown-Observer 7"
No man is an island-Dennis Brown-from 'No man is an island' Studio One
No man is an island-Dennis Brown-Jaguar 7"
Lips of wine-Dennis Brown-from 'Super reggae & soul hits' Trojan
Make it easy on yourself-Dennis Brown-Studio One 7"
Impossible-Dennis Brown-from 'The best of Studio One' Heartbeat
Created by the father-Dennis Brown-from 'No man is an island' Studio One
Easy take it easy-Dennis Brown-Studio One 7"
Black magic woman-Dennis Brown-from 'Best of Sunshot' Jet Set
Tell it black-Big Youth-from 'Raw roots vol.1' Jet Set
It's too late-Dennis Brown-Aquarius 7"
Cheater-Dennis Brown-from '17 North Parade' Pressure Sounds
What about the half-Dennis Brown-from 'Raw roots vol.1' Jet Set
Let me down easy-Dennis Brown-from 'Super Reggae & Soul Hits' Trojan
Silhouettes-Dennis Brown-from 'Super Reggae & Soul Hits' Trojan
Wichita lineman-Dennis Brown-from 'Super Reggae & Soul Hits' Trojan
Money in my pocket-Dennis Brown-Joe Gibbs 7"
Westbound train version-Soul Syndicate-Observer 7"
Westbound train-Dennis Brown-from 'Just Dennis' Observer
Cassandra-Dennis Brown-from 'Just Dennis' Observer
Africa-Dennis Brown-Observer 7"
Conqueror-Dennis Brown-from 'Just Dennis' 7"
Take a trip-Dennis Brown-Observer 7"
Take a dub-Observers-from 'Dennis Brown in dub' Heartbeat
Promised land-Dennis Brown-from 'Promised land' Blood & Fire
Wolf & leopard-Dennis Brown-from 'Wolf & leopard' DEB
Troubled world-Dennis Brown-from 'Promised land' Blood & Fire
Rolling down-Dennis Brown-from 'Deep down' Observer

Reel Two

Silver words-Dennis Brown-from 'Just Dennis' Observer
You're no dub-Observers-from 'Sledgehammer dub in the streets of Jamaica' Motion
You're no good-Dennis Brown-from 'Deep down' Observer
Ghetto girl-Dennis Brown-Joe Gibbs 7"
Malcolm X-Dennis Brown-from 'Visions' Blue Moon
Slave driver-Dennis Brown-from 'Promised land' Blood & Fire
Repatriation-Dennis Brown-from 'Visions' Blue Moon
Whip them Jah-Dennis Brown-Ossie 7"
Money in my pocket-Dennis Brown-Trojan 12"
Cool runnings-Prince Mohamed-Trojan 12"
Funny feeling-Dennis Brown-from 'Prime cuts vol.2' Gone Clear
Should I-Dennis Brown-Laser 12"
The existence of Jah-Dennis Brown-from 'Foul play' A&M
Words of wisdom-Dennis Brown-from 'Words of wisdom' Shanachie
Blood, sweat and tears-Dennis Brown-from 'Love has found its way' A&M
Promised land-Dennis Brown/Aswad-Grove 12"
Revolution part.2-Dennis Brown-from 'Brown sugar' RAS
Revolution-Dennis Brown-Taxi 7"
Have you ever been in love-Dennis Brown-from 'Brown sugar' RAS
Sitting and watching-Dennis Brown-Taxi 7"
Hold on to what you've got-Dennis Brown-Taxi 7"
Give a little love-Dennis Brown-Thompson Sounds 7"
To the foundation-Dennis Brown-from 'Prime cuts vol.3' Gone Clear
Easy-Dennis Brown-from 'Good vibrations' Rohit
The exit-Dennis Brown-from 'The revenge of King Jammy vol.2' Jahmin
Big all around-Dennis Brown/Gregory Isaacs-from 'Maximum Replay-Conscious Lovers Combinations' Gone Clear
Legit-Dennis Brown/Cocoa Tea/Freddie McGregor-from 'Maximum Replay-Original Combinations' Gone Clear
Raggamuffin-Dennis Brown/Freddie McGregor-from 'Maximum Replay-Conscious Lovers combinations' Gone Clear
Mama love-Dennis Brown/Beres Hammond-from 'Unchallenged' Greensleeves
Cool hearted fools-Dennis Brown-Stingray 12"

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