Mister DJ, don't stop da music....

Me ne vojo anna'-Tribu' Acustica-Live @ Radio Citta' 103
Sotto pressione-Africa Unite-from 'Tutto! Live CD'
Rally round-Anthony B-from 'That's life' VP
Wrong a wrong right a wrong-Anthony B-from 'More love' AO!
African skies-Luciano-from 'A new day' VP
Striving-Ras Ites-from 'Urban regeneration' Jet Star
True love-Turbulence-from 'Rising' VP
Sempre reggae-Puppa Giallo/Mighty Cez-Demo CD
Anche se non ci sei-Lady Flavia/Ginko-from 'V.A.P.at Raina Studio' V.A.P.
Giallurussu-Sud Sound System-SSS CD single
Same old bitch-Tanya Stephens-World-A-Muzik/RUNN
Head of the stream-Prezident Brown-World-A-Muzik/RUNN
Uncle Sam-Freddie McGregor-Joe Frazier 7"
Moving on-Glen Washington-Joe Frazier 7"
Jamaica mi island-Spragga Benz-Too Good 7"
Kushung peng-Mikey Spice/Shabba Ranks-Eclipse 7"
Gimmi di music-T.O.K./Shabba Ranks-from 'My crew my dawgs' VP
La la la-Beres Hammond-Safire 7"
Nice time-Wailers-from 'Natty rebel' Get Back!
Hold on to that feeling-Wailers-from 'Natty rebel' Get Back!
Weeping-Junior Byles-from 'Observer station' Heartbeat
Water rate-I Roy-from 'Microphone attack' Blood & Fire
Weeping version-Observers-from 'Niney in dub' Observer
Wolfs and leopards-Dennis Brown-from 'Bring the couchie come' Trojan
Step the dragon-I Roy-from 'Microphone attack' Blood & Fire
Observer station-Niney-from 'Observer station' Heartbeat
Whole lot a fire-Big Youth-from 'Microphone attack' Blood & Fire
Guess who's coming to dinner-Michael Rose-from 'Observer station' Heartbeat
Jah is my light-Leroy Smart/I Roy-from 'Microphone attack' Blood & Fire

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