Mister DJ, don't stop da music....

Time-Dub Syndicate/Capleton-from 'Acres Of Space' On-U-Sound
One in a billion-Dub Syndicate/Luciano-from 'Acres Of Space' On-U-Sound
Humourless journalist work to rule-Dub Syndicate-from 'Pounding system' On-U-Sound
Mafia-Dub Syndicate-from 'Strike the balance' On.U-Sound
Night train-Dub Syndicate-from 'Murder tone' On-U-Sound
North of river Thames-Dub Syndicate/Doctor Pablo-from 'North of River Thames' On-U-Sound
Socca-Dub Syndicate-from 'One way system' On-U-Sound
Jungle-Dub Syndicate/Disciples-from 'Research & development' On-U-Sound
Vibrate on-Dub Syndicate/Lee Perry-from 'From my secret laboratory' Mango
Health food-Dub Syndicate-from 'Fear from a green planet' On-U-Sound
Sound clash-Dub Syndicate-from 'Mellow & Collie' On-U-Sound
Backward never-Dub Syndicate-from 'Murder tone' On-U-Sound
Keep you dancing-Dub Syndicate/Bim Sherman-from 'Disco Plates collection part 2' On-U-Sound
Good night my love-Prince Allah-from 'Vintage classics vol.1' Cornerstone Church Of Music
They never love-Prince Allah-from 'Only love can conquer' Blood &Fire
Bosrah-Prince Allah-from 'I can hear the children singing' Blood & Fire
Red gold and green upfront-Prince Allah-from 'Lion a go bite yu' Head Phones
Stone-Prince Allah-from 'Only love can conquer' Blood & Fire
Black rose-Prince Allah/Philip Fraser-from 'Only love can conquer' Blood & Fire
Born a fighter-Prince Allah-Basement 7"
Rastafari-Prince Allah-from 'Jah children gather round' Shaka
Nuclear race-Prince Allah-from 'One bright day' Inner Sanctuary
Youthman inna di ghetto-Prince Allah-from 'Only love can conquer' Blood & Fire
Go down in silence-Prince Allah-from 'I can hear the children singing' Blood & Fire
I see Rasta-Prince Allah-Freedom Sounds 7"
Good morning Africa-Prince Allah-from 'More love' Jah Warrior

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