Mister DJ, don't stop da music....

Freedom sounds-Skatalites-from 'Ball of fire' Island Jamaica
Lester's mood-Skatalites-from 'From Paris with love' Celluloid/Melodie
I should have known better-Skatalites-from 'Foundation ska' Heartbeat
Guns of Navarone-Skatalites-from 'Ska '67' Island
Roll on sweet Don-Don Drummond/Roland Alphonso-from 'Respect to Studio One' Heartbeat
Mesopotamia-Don Drummond-from 'Tribute to Don Drummond' Treasure Isle
Chinatown-Skatalites-from 'Ska-bo-da-baa' Top Deck/Westside
Artibella-Ken Boothe/Stranger Cole-from 'A man and his hits' Heartbeat
Chicken scratch-Lee Perry-from 'Respect to Studio One' Heartbeat
Wings of a dove-Wailers-from 'Ska-au-go-go' Studio One
Six and seven books of Moses-Toots & Maytals-from 'Never grow old' Heartbeat
Turn to the almighty-Jackie Opel-from 'A love to share' Top Deck/Westside
Don de lion-Don Drummond-from 'Ska all mighty' Heartbeat
Carry go bring home-Justin Hinds & Dominoes-from 'Latin goes ska' Treasure isle
Carry go bring home-Justin Hinds & Dominoes-from 'Ba Ba boom' Trojan
Viva Zapata-Carlos Malcolm & his Afro-Jamaican Rhythms-from 'The royal ska' Jamaica Gold
Latin goes ska-Skatalites-from 'Ball of fire' Island Jamaica
Man in the street-Don Drummond-from 'The roots of reggae' Music Club
Rolli rollin'-Roland Alphonso-from 'Ska-ta-shot' Top Deck/West Side
Goldifinger-Tommy McCook-from 'Tribute to Tommy McCook' Heartbeat
Warlock-Jackie Mittoo-from 'Ska-ta-shot' Top Deck/West Side
Can I change my mind-Jackie Mittoo-from 'Keep on dancing' Studio One
Sei sicura-Quattrocento colpi-from 'Fagiani in fiamme' Santeria
That's it-Jamaican Liberation Orchestra-from 'That's it' Alternative
Non ci riuscirete mai-Quattrocento colpi-from 'Fagiani in fiamme' Santeria
Via dalla citta'-Quattrocento colpi-from 'Fagiani in fiamme' Santeria
Blacker dread-Count Ossie & His band-from 'Trojan revive box set'
Splash down-Crystalites-from 'Trojan revive box set'
If I could rule the world-Alton Ellis-from 'Rebel music' Trojan
I may never see my baby-Horace Andy-from 'Feel good all over' Trojan
Rod of correction-Clancy Eccles-from 'Tighten up' Trojan
Stay a little bit longer-Delano Stewart-from 'Tighten up' Trojan
Starlight-Tony Brevett-from 'The legendary Skatalites in dub' Motion
Starlight version-Skatalites/King Tubbys-from 'The legendary Skatalites in dub' Motion
Forever-Augustus Pablo-from 'Rod of correction showcase' Clocktower
Armagideon time-Willie Williams-from 'Armagideon time' Studio One

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