Mister DJ, don't stop da music....

Black son rising-Lalibela-from 'Black son rising' Upful One
Herbalist-Restless Mashaitis-from 'Kingston Sessions 1992-2002' Addis
What a worries-Junior Kelly-from 'Conscious voice' Penitentiary/Jet Star
Hail Jah-Anthony B-Spider Web 7"
Keep the fire blazing-Jah Mason-Keep your joy' Ghetto Technology
Who can't hear-Ras Shiloh-from 'From rasta to you' VP
Jah is always there-Warrior King-Isle of Springs 7"
Africa shall be free-Warrior King-Lion Paw 7"
I am that man-Luciano-Lion Paw 7"
In this time-Capleton-Lion paw 7"
Rat race-Capleton-Mixing Finga 7"
Ghetto youthwise-George Nooks/Murdak-Mixing Finga 7"
Frenzy-Sanchez-from 'Stays on my mind' VP
Never dis the man-Sanchez-Xterminator 7"
I wonder-Sizzla-from 'The story unfold' VP
No woman no cry-Dean Fraser-from 'Dean plays Bob vol.2' RAS
Handle the ride-Tanya Stephens-from Handle the ride' Brickwall
Brain food-Prezident Brown-from 'Showcase vol.2' Jahmani
Jah love-Neisha K-from 'Handle the ride' Brickwall
Ganja-Giaka-Dubplate version
Pass the kutchie-Anthony B/Mighty Diamonds-Wall Street 7"
Mistery Babylon-Luciano-Wall Street 7"
Ready yah know-Capleton-Wall Street 7"
Still bun dem-Capleton-John John 7"
Two seven clash-Culture/Anthony B-VP 7"
Only Rastafari-Chezidek-from 'Harvest time' VP
Be merciful-Tafari-AL.TA.FA.AN. 7"
Addicted to music-Tafari-AL.TA.FA.AN. 7"
Laborites & P.N.P-Bunny Wailer-Solomonic 7"
Pick up the pieces-Royals-Studio One 7"
Quarter pound of ishent-Lone Ranger-from 'On the otherside of dub 'Studio One
It affi bun-Kentrus-Studio One 7"
Pick up the pieces-Royals-from 'Pick up the pieces' Pressure Sounds
Ghetto man-Royals-from 'Pick up the pieces' Pressure Sounds
Ghetto man version-King Tubby-from 'Psalms of the time dub' Tamoki Wambesi
Promised land-Royals-from 'Pick up the pieces' Pressure Sounds
Make believe-Royals-from 'Pick up the pieces' Pressure Sounds
Make believe-Royals-from 'Reggae greatest hits vol.2' Heartbeat
Chant Rastaman-Knowledge-from 'Stumbling block' Tamoki Wambesi
Jah Jah give us love-Cornell Campbell-from 'Reggae greatest hits vol.2' Heartbeat
Familiar music-Royals-from 'Ten years after' TamokiWambesi
Vanity crazy-Royals-from 'Moving on' Kingdom
Vanity crazy version-King Tubby-from 'Psalms of the time dub' Tamoki Wambesi
I shall be reelased-Heptones-from 'Party time' Island
Chase the devil-Max Romeo-from 'War inna Babylon 'Island
Croaking lizard-Prince Jazzbo-from 'Super ape' Island
I man a african-Max Romeo-from 'The power of Jah' Trojan
Let the power fall-Max Romeo-from 'The power of Jah' Trojan
Go now-Dennis Brown-from 'Deep down' Observer
Dub now-Dennis Brown-from 'Sledgehammer dub' Motion
Troubled world-Dennis Brown-from 'The promised land' Blood & Fire
La-La-Bam-Bam-Congos-from '2 Heavyweight' Blood & Fire
Love of a woman-Horace Andy-from 'Sings for you and I' Striker lee
Blessed dub-Aggrovators/King Tubby-from 'Dub jackpot' Attack
Mickey Mouse crab mouse-Dillinger-from 'Dillinger' Experience
I broke the comb-Keith Hudson-from 'Rasta Communication' Greensleeves
Jacqueline version-Scientist-from 'Wins the World Cup' Greensleeves
Why turn down the sound-Cocoa Tea-from 'Pirates' anthem' Greensleeves
Bodyguard-Mighty Diamonds-from 'Get ready' Greensleeves
Love is what the world needs-Barry Brown-from 'Can't stop us now' Easy Star

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